Nez Perce Motel
Nez Perce Motel
In the Spring of 2021 the Nez Perce Motel was purchased by Kyle and Leah Bushman from Brenda and Blake Huntley. Mrs. Brenda had been managing all motel operations for over 15 successful years! In the fall of 2020 retirement was calling her name and she decided it was the perfect time to slow down and focus on family and those quickly growing grandchildren!
"The rooms are wonderfully rustic and the owners are very friendly"
- CW
A wise man once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Our promise to our guests, is we will continue to place a strong emphasis on the core principles that garnered great success for the Huntleys. We promise to...
  • Keep the rooms clean, comfortable and inviting.
  • Keep the rates affordable.
  • Support the functions, organizations and businesses in the awesome community of Wisdom, one of the best kept secrets of South West Montana!

Future Plans
We look forward to serving you! We want to keep doing all the things that worked so well for Mrs. Brenda and add a few things of our own! Below is a list of our top priorities for the near future!
  • Add/update room amenities,  refrigerators, microwaves and TV.
  • Update linens.
  • Re-locate office into a stand alone structure.
  • Convert/re-open 20x30 cabin as a 4-6 group rental space.
  • Refurbish 20x20 shed into a bunk house type space.
  • Add on site ATM.
  • Redecorate rooms with featured artwork and photos from artists/photographers in the Big Hole Valley.
  • Add paddocks and training areas for our sister companies HQ Driftless Pack Llamas.
  • More to come!

The Nez Perce is a very clean, eight unit motel situated at the crossroads of the scenic Big Hole Valley of Wisdom. It provides rooms for tourists, fisherman, sportsmen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Big Hole River flows through the Big Hole Valley which is a Blue Ribbon trout stream and one of the very best free flowing fisheries in the entire state of Montana. There are thousands of acres of national forest lands, the Big Hole Battlefield, and countless miles of cross country ski and snowmobile trails just waiting to be explored. Hardwood floors, down home atmosphere and a quiet & comfortable stay is what the Nez Perce Motel will give you all year-round!

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